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Is this where we are now?

Last week when the British alpinist Jonathan Griffith linked, solo, in winter, in a day, the North Faces of Aiguille Verte, Les Courtes and Les Droites, down climbing two of the faces and skiing off the backside of the third and final climb, most people skipped the news. His linkage made the website, but on a reader-interest of one to 10, it was a snoozing three. On-line video reposts of falls (spectacular ones, I’ll give them that), a new hard boulder problem and other assorted reports, none of which will go down in the books as especially memorable or important, were more popular.

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Photo Credit: The North Faces of Les Courtes, Les Droites and Aiguille Verte showing the routes soloed in a day – Photo courtesy of Jonathan Griffith /
Submitted by:  Doug Millen /


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