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Gone North – The Documentary

New England American Alpine Club volunteer, Vesna Damljanovic, begins planning her climbing adventure in Arctic Norway. Also, a film project, she wants to create a documentary about the joy of climbing solo, as well as hardships & introspections of solitude in a cold, remote place.

A middle-aged woman, climbing ice solo, in the middle of nowhere… WHAT?!

Gone North is a documentary about just such an occurrence, and a lot more. Why would a nice city girl from good family want to freeze her backside sleeping in a tent, without a shower, eating ramen noodles for 5 weeks? What is so compelling about remote wilderness? Why do we seek solitude? Why does climbing ice make more sense than climbing career ladders? I don’t quite know the answers to these questions, but I will film my journey as I try to make sense of some of them in the Arctic Norway.

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