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Diary of an NEice Junkie…

How much time do you spend on NEice?  Are you an addict?  Do you come home from a day of climbing and immediately check to see what else people were doing?  Do you have a regular schedule?  Or do you just check it out whenever the time seems right?  These were some questions I was asking myself, so I figured I’d actually keep track:


Confession* by Patrick Cooke

I put this together in the week leading up to MLK Weekend.  It only covers the weekdays, but you get the picture!



7:00-7:45  Breakfast, Mindless drivel on TV – Checking photos and boards… what got done over the weekend?

12-1:15 Grading…. Sanity Break (photos, conditions)!  How did I manage 4+ hours without checking NEice?

12:45-1:10  Touch base w/ a friend about his experience on Repentance on Sunday

1:45-2:00  Students completing a reading for class, might as well check the boards while they catch up (nothing earth shattering, but hey, Poko is building)

2:15-2:20  Check N. Conway weather for weekend while students start next reading assignment

Looking Good!

3:00-5:00  Catch up on Grading/Planning that I ignored so I could go climbing this weekend… resist urge to check NEice compulsively

5:05  Give in and check boards

7:40  Waiting for Dinner to finish heating in the oven, don’t want to continue to tackle the work to-do list…. hitting the forums (someone lost a hat on Shoestring Saturday…)

8:00  Email partners to figure our who can get out over the weekend.

9:10  Wife and friend discussing God and religion…  ice climbing seems like a better way to spend a Sunday morning than other activities.  Might as well see what people are posting on the forums.


7:15  A little NEice for breakfast… nice little review of Julbo glasses by Alfonzo.

9:50  Advisees don’t screw up enough… no real issues to address with them, anything new happening on the boards? (not really)

10:37  Students reading a section for a discussion… killing time looking at photopost

3:13  Feel compelled to see what’s happening on NEice… starting to think I may have a problem…

4:25  Apparently “Franks” and “Willo” are cool now, but not with everyone.

4:45-7:20  Long stream of emails with friends to figure out plans for upcoming weekend.

7:29  Grading, the curse of all teachers… sadly, nothing really exciting to report on the board or photopost  : (

9:00  Watching the Bruins game  since I can’t bring myself to do more work tonight… adding to discussion of tethers for leashless tools.  Only checked NEice 7 times today…


8:20  Check the boards and see this:  Smike’s latest bag of lies

Does anyone even understand this?


1:25  It’s been 5 hours… gotta get my fix!  It seems the rediscovery of tethering leashless tools is the topic du jour.

7:30  There really isn’t all that much going on right now on the boards… someone needs to go check out conditions and post up!

8:00  On phone, wife and friend watching trashy TV… sadly nothing really new happening on the boards.  This may actually be the fewest number of times I’ve been on the site all winter… obviously I need to remedy this!


7:20  With the weekend coming, it’s time to start paying more attention to the conditions posts.

4:25  Sadly, this is actually a noteworthy accomplishment… 9 hours without NEice.  Maybe I’m not as addicted as I thought I was.  Apparently both Rock and Ice and Climbing are running some pieces on Catskills Ice/Mixed.  Both with shots, and at least one of the articles, from NEice contributors!


Rock and Ice Issue 200

6:40  Killing time before I need to go proctor studyhall…  This project is not nearly as interesting as I thought it would be… post up people!!!!!

8:47  Taking a well-deserved break from lesson planning/busting freshmen who are on facebook instead of working…   It’s kind of mind-blowing what topics will be popular:  Leashing leashless tools just reached 40 posts.

9:48  Can’t….. Stay….. Away…..

10:53  Can I go to bed yet? Damn dorm duty! Oohhhh, new photos on the photopost


7:15  Literally nothing new on the boards… I really thought this would be a more exciting post!

1:12  Done teaching, time to drive North… one quick check of things!

5:05  Settled in up in NH, things are picking up on the boards…

6:16  The consensus on the board is it’s going to be COLD this weekend, and green wool hunter’s pants are “in”!

10:07  After an hour of kicking ass and taking names in MarioKart with my brothers I checked the boards and wished I hadn’t.


Well, there we have it, we’ll have to leave the weekend edition for another day!


*Like any experiment, observation affects results…  Let’s just say, this actually makes me look less addicted then I think I am!





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