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Gear Ready for Adventure… Climber Not

It’s 4:00am Sunday morning, and the gear is packed and ready for a run up Mt. Lincoln. 

4:00am – Gear is ready to go…

Unfortunately, the climber is not.

In order to protect the identity of the climber in question, we used this cat to reenact the climber's actions.

The culprit?  Laziness, sloth, lethargy, weariness…

All apt descriptions in this case.

The Backstory:

5:00pm Saturday – the climber, overwhelmed by the amount of work he needs to do over the weekend and underwhelmed by the engagement of said work, sees Alfonzo’s exploits posted on the NEice facebook page.

5:30pm Saturday – seeing the latest Higher Summits Forecast, the climber is convinced that getting up at 4:00am (which will feel like a relatively late 5:00am) and driving up to climb Mt. Lincoln is totally doable.

6:30pm Saturday – Everything is packed, the coffee maker is set.

7:30 pm Saturday – Climber and wife arrive at friend’s apartment for a birthday party.  Climber fully committed to plan for next day.

8:30pm Saturday – Climber enjoys first Spaten of the evening.  Climber getting sleepy but still fully committed to plan for next day and convinced of plan’s brilliance.

9:00pm Saturday – Climber enjoys second Spaten of the evening. Climber beginning to doubt wisdom of plan given the evening’s course of events and overall sleepiness.

9:30pm Saturday – Climber opens third Spaten of the evening.  Climber now fully convinced that waking up at 4:00am not likely to happen.

11:15 pm Saturday – Climber and wife still at friend’s apartment.  Alarm no longer set for 4:00am.

1:30-8:00am Sunday – Climber soundly asleep… Opportunity lost.


Article by Patrick Cooke
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