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Season off to a slow start!

But, if you want to climb ice, you can find it!


11/8/09 – Alfonzo taking advantage of the beautiful day and of the frozen moss – Off the Boott Spur, Tuckerman Ravine, Mt. Washington NH
Photo by Doug Millen (c) 2009

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6 Responses to “Season off to a slow start!”

  • Just Me Onlin:

    i guess everybody already knows this image should be rotated 90deg, so why not show it as it truly looks … AC is a great climber, that’s not the point is it?

  • I did not even touch it, that’s the way I saw it and that’s what you get! And besides, it’s more fun looking this way!….Doug

  • Just Me…
    When I saw this shot I did not think to myself Doug rotated it, but I’m not everybody. I never have and never will post a shot rotated to make the subject in it look more “great” and I’m certain Doug would not ether.
    I am by no means a great climber, I’m not even close no matter how much rotation I get!
    One last thing… The point was posting a good cover shot, Doug did. I personally would like to see more scenery and less humans…. but that’s just me.

  • justmeonline:

    easy fellas … not trying to be critical of anyone or assume what their intent was … it is a good cover shot, it says alot about early winter … that wasn’t my point. i just wanted to point out that its not real that’s all

  • Brian Ivins:

    Does Alfonzo have a job? Cuz he certainly climbs a lot!
    Kudos to the Palisades traverse by-the-way…….

  • Miron:

    very inspiring, makes me want to go climbing
    great shot

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