Willoughby, Thursday, 11/16

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    Tablets, Zephyr, 20 Below are all in reasonable climbing shape. Shaker Heights has a thin start (no gear for first 60 feet) but is good higher up. The ledge traverse to upper Called would be a proud adventure. Renormalization and Plug N' Chug are also climbable. Renorm's topout is a little spicy on the left-hand finish. Mindbender is formed but pretty dangerous looking with an open hollow tube and what looks to be a poor topout. The first pitch to the cave should be good though. Thursday we climbed both Shaker Heights and Renormalization. Alas, another warmup is coming.
    The first pitch of Shaker heights from above the ramp start. It can be easily reached around the left side of the gully ramp start.

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    A good place to be! Forcast not as bad as NH. Less rain and then cold! Better times ahead.

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