Willoughby Rescue Cache Up for Season

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by Adventure Spirit Guides, Dec 25, 2016.

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    Thanks to the efforts of the Lyndon State College Mountain Rec Mngmt program, the Willoughy rescue cache is now in place for its second season. The cache contains basic-but-complete first aid supplies, a litter, and blankets. It is located between Left Tablets and Zephyr/Glass/Crazy. The cache was put together last year (after rock/icefall destroyed the original one) with funding from the Smugglers Notch Ice Bash, CRAG-VT, Lyndon State College, and the Boston App Mtn Club chapter. A plaque will go up soon noting this. Dave Powers (mopowers on NEIce), Mark Renson, and Ben Mirkin were all integral to the effort. Wishing everyone a healthy, happy 2017 climbing season! FullSizeRender.jpg
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    Thanks for the reminder, Kel!
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    Sweet, good on ya. Also, from high on the right practice slabs, it looks disturbingly like a giant person, holding very still. Pretty creepy, honestly.

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