Willoughby 12-20

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    The Lake is getting better every day with this cold snap. Most notably, A party of two climbed Promenade today. The classic hard route has come in nicely but is thin in a couple spots, especially the entry slabs. The crux column looks excellent. Last Gentleman looks doable as well but again, thin down low. You may want some rock gear for the first pitch. Who's Who looks good from a distance but is paper thin. Called on Account looks like it might be in from the road but it's not all the way down and is way too thin for most of the first pitch anyhow. In the Mindbender Amphitheater, Renorm is very climbable right now with both left and right options. Mindbender is there but might be hollow and sketchy but it's growing fast. Plug N' Chug topout looks hollow still.
    Float Like a Butterfly is thin down low but growing up top.
    20 Below Zero, Glass Managerie and the Tablets have been seeing the bulk of action in the past week. All are in very good shape now with wet streaks still flowing and building. Crazy Diamond may even be good to go by the weekend. That about wraps it up for now. Enjoy! neice_glass.jpg
    20 Below Zero Gully (cennter) and Glass Menagerie (right)

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