WI-5 on top rope?

Discussion in 'New York - North' started by Bernard 514, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Bernard 514

    Bernard 514 Member

    Does anyone have any suggestions for WI-5 routes for which a toprope can be setup? All input is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Luc-514

    Luc-514 Member

    If it's in, the waterfall at Poke-O-Moonshine, you can go up the gully on the right (WI1/2) and set up a two rope tied together top rope.
    Remember that with that much rope out comes with stretch, a fall in the first few meters will have you hit the ground.
  3. Luc-514

    Luc-514 Member

    Maybe some lines at Pitchoff Quarry.

    There's lines in Chapel Pond gully but the problem is that getting up there needs leading other routes.
  4. Coati

    Coati Member

    I would second the waterfall. Just remember that with tying two ropes together for top rope, you need the ability to pass the knot through the belay. (Two belayers works best).

  5. Shane

    Shane Member

    Or two belay devices also works.
  6. Bernard 514

    Bernard 514 Member

    Thanks everyone for your input.

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