Well... Bicycle etc. were in

Discussion in 'MA / CT' started by CTlocal, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Did a lap on Bicycle yesterday.

    Not sure what conditions are like after warm weather an rain.

    Did not climb South Flow but it looked to be in. There was a party (guide and clients?) on the practice slab.

    All three starts to Bicycle were doable, including the curtain on the right (a party was TR'ing when I was there). Upper pitches were climbable, if thin.

    Did not climb Terraces. Right side top and bottom were okay, middle was usual thinnish. Amazingly, the left side of Terraces looked the best it has in a couple of years.

    Also... there was a lot of water flowing at the top of the cliff and a number of boulder type problems were around. With more melt, some rain, and cold weather coming in....

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