Used Down/Hardshell/Softshell Jackets

Discussion in 'Gear For Sale' started by joseph_the_red, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. joseph_the_red

    joseph_the_red Climber, medic, dog dad

    Big 'ol price drop. Better for this stuff to get used rather than collect dust in my closet.

    Hey guys
    I've got some jackets I'm selling.... to fund a new one. Hahaha. (I laugh because I don't want to cry)

    Mountain Hardwear Conduit SL Hooded Jacket, Black, Men's Large, small tear on the inside, patched with tenacious tape- $75

    Mammut 750 fill Broad Peak (old style) down jacket, Green, Men's XL- good condition, patched hole on forearm, packs into it's own pocket! - $75
    EMS Feather Park Hoody, Blue, Men's XXL- patched hole on right arm- $75
    Marmot Exum Ridge Gore Tex Jacket, Black, Men's XL- excellent condition- 4x10 velcro patch on the back for identification- $75
    Patagonia Adze Softshell, Grey, Men's L- excellent condition, $75

    Albany area local pickup/meetup, but I travel to the ADKs, Catskills, and Berkshires pretty frequently.

    I'm also pretty flexible on price, trades, etc.

    IMG_0992.JPG IMG_0995.JPG IMG_0996.JPG IMG_0997.JPG IMG_0997.JPG IMG_1001.JPG
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  2. joseph_the_red

    joseph_the_red Climber, medic, dog dad

    Bump for price drop. I want to see this stuff used!
  3. grock52

    grock52 New Member

    what is the purple MH coat? i don't see it described.
  4. joseph_the_red

    joseph_the_red Climber, medic, dog dad

    It’s “midnight blue” lol

    It’s actually been sold, I just couldn’t delete the picture. It’s the same as the black one- Men’s Large Sub Zero SL hooded jacket.
  5. grock52

    grock52 New Member

    yeah, i like that one but i need an XL. i'm gonna pm you.

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