Tuckerman's Ravine 11/12/16

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by rmotley, Nov 13, 2016.


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  1. rmotley

    rmotley Member

    Zack Dameron and I headed into Tuckerman's Ravine Saturday, November 12th to look for some early season ice. The headwall was in surprisingly good shape, and we were able to get some fun climbing in. It was fairly easy to find places to put in 13 cm screws, and we even placed one 17 cm. We decided to call it a day about half-way up the headwall when there was lots of sun baked ice crashing down around us. We talked to a group that went into Huntington and they said they were only able to find one scrappy pitch on pinnacle.

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  2. Jacon

    Jacon Active Member

    Nice work
  3. Paul Kennedy

    Paul Kennedy Well-Known Member

    So jelly right now. Time to start heading north.
  4. Billy Bevans

    Billy Bevans Member

    Ha reminds me of a time I was 2 or 3 pitches up the headwall and the sun scorched the wall into slush.. moss shots galore... pretty scary actually
  5. Shane

    Shane Member

    Is there a web site or guidebook for Tuckerman's ice climbing? I don't see anything on Mountain Project. If not, any beta on the lines/grades folks can share?
  6. alexcl

    alexcl Member

    There is some data in "an ice climber's guide to New England"...nothing really helpful though. It's basically pick your own adventure, between 2+ and 4....
  7. Shane

    Shane Member

    Choose your own adventure, my favorite books as a kid - sounds good! :)
  8. alexcl

    alexcl Member

    the really short window of Tuck's ice is closing. Lots of really wet snow and 100% humidity for the last 3 days...hiked up there on thursday, did'nt climb. Really poor visibility, could not see the end of the headwall and absolutely no chance of escaping through v-thread on that thin slushy ice. Open book is filling up and everything around it was either full of wet snow or gushing water. It snowed the entire time we were there, so we went in huntington today instead.
  9. alexcl

    alexcl Member

    Awsome !! maybe i shhould have commit...but being with a newbie, it did not feel safe at all. Great job !
  10. neiceadmin

    neiceadmin Doug Millen Staff Member

    Looks like you guys had some fun, we were up there as well. Good Job! Full conditions on Saturday! The snow was piling up and hardly anyone around
  11. Shane

    Shane Member

    Alex, were you up there?
  12. alexcl

    alexcl Member

    Was in Tuck's on thursday. made the call not to climb. weather and ice was rough. Climbed a variation of odell (buttress on the left) on friday then went back to montreal the same night.

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