Taughannock Falls

Discussion in 'New York - South' started by pcorridon, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. pcorridon

    pcorridon New Member

    Any info about this location in the Finger Lakes? Is it ever climbable?
  2. nolanhuther

    nolanhuther New Member

    Like many locations in the Finger Lakes, it is unfortunately off limits to climbers
  3. glenn e. doell

    glenn e. doell New Member

    I started climbing there in '79....while the main falls rarely freezes to be considered in shape the side walls offer many difficult and enticing routes....Lick Brook, The Boyscout Camp, Buttermilk, Watkins Glen, and many many smaller drops all along the lakes offer unending adventures....legal?....really?.....stay quiet, go early, Cornell outing used to teach at Lick Brook....one of my all time favorite haunts.
    Mjollnir's with tube picks and Dachstein mittens.....

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