SOIceFest6 - Virtual Edition

Discussion in 'QC / ON / NB / NL' started by Andriy, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Andriy

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    Saturday Feb 6, 2021 (Afternoon / Evening)

    Similar to last year, where you could hop, skip and jump in between clinics and sessions depending on your interest, we'll have a continuous stream of content brought to you by Yamnuska Mountain Adventures and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.

    Aren't sure what that first day of ice climbing with a buddy has in store with you? Tune it at Noon.

    Getting good sticks, but you feel as if you're always out of balance? Tune in for the Movement session at 1.

    Have that first lead under your belt - and NEVER want to feel that sketched out again? The Advanced session at 3 is for you!

    That and more for less than a price of a used fleece glove (including the evening presentations, starting at 7). Yup - just one!

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