SOIce General Report (Jan 18 2021)

Discussion in 'QC / ON / NB / NL' started by Andriy, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Andriy

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    In general, little snowfall has meant that only more reliable climbs have appeared in solid condition. Then again the fluctuating temperatures across the region means that ice has formed up a wee bit differently than in past years.

    Take Holy Hannah at Watt Lake for example - the lower 1/3 isn't really "in" although climbable... however, the upper half formed wider than usual and a bit to the left, allowing an elegant and direct linkup from the 4th bolt of the adjacent Prisoner 24601...

    At Eagle's Nest, the traditional Curtain is well and fat, but so are the iced up versions of the climbs to the right: Powered by Donuts, and Jetstream Variation (atypical so early in the year).

    There's ice to climb, now if only restrictions would allow us to roam freely!

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