Smuggs 28/11

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by Alpa, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Alpa

    Alpa New Member

    EHG is in descent conditions and climbable despite of the rain. It even takes 16cm screws on the second pitch.

    The top of ragnaroc is in. Did not walk to the start but from far the direct start looked doable for those with big early season balls.

    Jeff slide not in. The rest looked thin but should build fast with the water and cold.
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  2. Patrick Gagne

    Patrick Gagne New Member

    Any pictures?
  3. Alpa

    Alpa New Member

    Sorry, climber already too heavy, no room for a camera :D
  4. Patrick Gagne

    Patrick Gagne New Member

    We where heading for Ragnorac, the direct but turn around ( almost unclimable, or without protection. The regular route look doable if u like rocks and ice with a potential traverse to the right to reach good ice and the top !
    We did elephant head gully, the small class 4 very good ice and the right exit for top out good protections. Small to medium nuts for protections.
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