Smuggs 12/4/2020

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    Took a fitness walk up from the Jeff side today. Lots of water moving and ice forming but nothing I would suggest climbing. All the TR sites are bits of ice with water moving. I could hear the water running behind Jeff slide from the road. ENT gully could be done as a rock climbing if you want to be cold and wet. Things are starting to form up high in Easy Gully but I doubt there is any bonding. Same with Ragnarock, and the start of Hidden is mostly water with a bit of ice on both sides. I'll try to take a walk up next week and hopefully there will be better news.

    On another note, there have been 2 major rockfall events in Smugglers Notch this year. The latest was almost certainly due to a freeze thaw cycle. The upper section of the approach to Easy Gully and the lower part of Easy Gully are very different underfoot and not very stable. I would suggest significant caution moving around in the early season before things settle down.

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    Better times ahead! Thanks for the post.
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    Elephants head gully was climbable today, although the first pitch had little in the way of protection, the second pitch was easily protectable. Jeff slide looks like it will go with 10cm / 13 cm screws. Top Rope areas are still far too thin to support any traffic and there is still little snow underfoot.
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