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    Salmon River Gorge

    Ice climbing is allowed in the Gorge with these restrictions:

    (1) Climbing is not allowed on the main waterfall or anywhere within the
    restricted area posted in the information kiosk. This may be reconsidered at a
    future time, but for now, NO climbing on the main waterfall.

    (2) The "Gorge Trail" has been opened to ice climbers. This is the summer hiking
    trail that leads from the information kiosk into the gorge, meeting the river
    just downstream from the main waterfall. The Gorge Trail is steep and, in
    winter, has icy sections; thus, only persons with "proper equipment" are allowed
    to use this approach to the gorge. Although the "proper equipment" hasn't yet
    been specified, ice climbers will, by default, have the required equipment
    (e.g., crampons, ice axe, helmet).

    Note: The Gorge Trail is clearly marked. This closure does NOT apply to
    ice climbers. With regards to accessing the base of the Gorge, there are three
    possibilities: A. Follow the Gorge Trail into the gorge, then follow the river
    downstream to the base of the climbs. B. From the parking area, follow the rim
    of the gorge downstream to the top of an established ice route, then rappel to
    the base. For those familiar with the layout of the Gorge, this is the easiest
    approach. C. From the parking area, follow the rim of the gorge downstream (just
    past the amphitheatre) to low angle slopes that can be descended to river level,
    then walk upstream to the base of the climbs. Use caution walking along the
    river. For the most part, the river is shallow, but there are several deep
    sections where the river cuts into the gorge walls, requiring that you traverse
    steep slopes (usually covered with very deep snow). Snowshoes may be useful.

    (3) There are several rare and threatened plant species along the steep banks of
    the gorge. Do not disturb these by rappelling or climbing on them. Instead,
    restrict climbing to areas of the slopes containing ice.

    (4) The DEC will place a sign-in sheet at the information kiosk; please fill it out upon arrive at
    the Gorge and drop it into the provided drop box. These sign-in sheets are important for
    management of the area and for possible future consideration of opening more of
    the Gorge to ice climbing.

    Sign In Sheet: River Falls/web/iceclimbregis.pdf

    Note: You may want to print the registration sign-in sheet in advance of arrival to save time. (Also, there may be no sign-in sheets available when you arrive due to vandalism.) Please respect these rules; setting a good example is very important for continued access to the
    Gorge for ice climbing.

    Source: Jim lawyer
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