Partners - Ice / Mixed / Rock - March 5 to March 15

Discussion in 'Partners' started by Karl Henize, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Karl Henize

    Karl Henize New Member

    I currently have commitments on the following dates:
    - March 4
    - March 10-13 (Avalanche Safety Course at Mount Washington, NH)

    I will be quitting my job at the end of February and will be visiting friends and family in the Boston Area, during March. I would like to get out climbing and skiing as much as possible, during this time.

    I would prefer to climb mixed / drytooling / ice, while conditions are good, but I would also be psyched to get out on rock, if the conditions are not.

    Anywhere in NY, VY, or NH will work for me. I would ideally like to climb some of the multi-pitch classics in all three states, during my trip.

    I have several years of rock / ice / mixed / alpine climbing experience. I currently lead WI4 / M4 and can follow WI5 / M6.
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  2. David Ly

    David Ly New Member

    Hi Karl,
    I would be very interested to climb with you during those times, obviously depending if the conditions are still climbable. I have much of my own gear and my availability will likely be free since I'm not working now.
    I am currently in the Quebec City area but can move around quite easily. I am interested in the Northern NY/VT/NH areas.

    Let me know at +17146235917 via WhatsApp or iMessage.

  3. Paul Kennedy

    Paul Kennedy Well-Known Member

    Also interested. I have every other week off from Thursday to Thursday. 9-16 and 23-30
  4. Stephen Scott

    Stephen Scott New Member

    I will be home in the northeast for spring break from 3-19 to 3-24, and was looking to head up to Quebec to hopefully find some ice if conditions are right. Would definitely be down for the states though if its still in. I can confidently follow WI4, and haven't tried WI5's yet (down to give it a go on TR), and would be happy to hunt for ice and provide a belay if you want (Karl or David).

    I also work as a rock climbing trip leader, so I'm proficient in multi-pitch systems and efficiency, as well as rescue techniques, so I'd always be down to tackle some bigger objectives (if that's what interests you).

    Let me know if you're interested

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  5. Karl Henize

    Karl Henize New Member

    Update: I am now planning to travel to Mount Rainier on March 16.

    Stephen - I don't think I will be able to link up with you.

    David & Paul - I will send you PMs.

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