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    Has anyone been by the narrows recently? I heard there was no ground water movement. So there was very little ice forming.

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    Narrows are closed again this year. Read the Kitnersville thread. Sorry bruh.
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    Not sure that's accurate, bruh. Closure started on 2/1 last year, if this years closure is the same that would make the start date 2/1/17.

    NOCKAMIXON CLIFFS UPDATE: Yesterday David Pastorok, Erik Murdock (Access Fund) and I met with several representatives from DCNR and the Game Commission to discuss the closure. A lot of information was shared about the raptor pair, raptor management from the PGC and different strategies that exist in the climbing community. While we were confident that we could present an option to shrink the closure area and potentially open more climbing area, the PGCs feels that behavior of this pair requires more space and less potential inference. At this point, the closure will be the exact same as last year both in timing and boundaries. They have no desire to expand it because it was successful last year and they got 100% compliance from climbers. They are also asking that we keep any details shared about the closure within our community. We want to provide climbers with information so that they can understand and support this effort. However, details are not being made public because they do not want to draw attention to the pair and invite bird watchers and others that may foster disturbance.

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    Let's hope we get ice in before they close it.
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    Merry Christmas everyone. I ventured up there yesterday to take a look and it looks really thin. Some stuff forming up top and in the main gully. Nothing climbable yet. Good news is that water was flowing nicely down the main gully. I snapped a pic.

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