Narrows Temporarliy Closing Until This Summer?

Discussion in 'PA / VA' started by Spence, Jan 15, 2016.

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    Hopefully, they're keeping a close eye on this.
  3. It is official. Sections of The Narrows will be off limits to ice climbing due to nesting Falcons. Please see for more information and images of the signs placed by DCNR.

    Please respect the closure to keep ice climbing open for years to come.
  4. Steve Jones

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    If anyone living near the Narrows could update us about the road and parking conditions tomorrow afternoon, I would greatly appreciate. Planning on coming up Sunday.
  5. Ross Purnell

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    I was there yesterday. There are now 2 parking spots. Main gully center and right are both in. Dead Deer is in but the snow just looked troublesome and prone to avalanche so we left that. We climbed Locktenders South to the top and it was great unless you like having screws.
  6. Andrew P

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    Climbed Locktenders South on Saturday the 30th. There are now signs posted that state that the areas is closed from Feb 1 to June something. Signs are posted in all areas.
  7. mjhouser

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    Do you mean that all of the climbs at the Narrows are now closed? I thought only some of it was closing?
  8. Andrew P

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    I am pretty new to this area but we parked at the dirt lot directly across the river from the factory. Heading south there was a sign in front of the first area on the right, then there was another sign at the next large area which I believe is the main gully area. Heading North from the lot there was a sign at the first area on the left. Hope this makes sense.
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    If I am understanding where you mean, that would be main gully and main flow to the south. And dead deer to the north.
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    I was there this morning. Signs are posted at Main Flow, Main Gully, and Mixed Emotions. There were no signs at Dead Deer, Lock20, 45mpg or Cigar area. We climbed 45mpg which was surprisingly good. After tomorrow will be another story.
  11. mjhouser

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    Thanks for the clarification. I am sure today's rain is not doing the ice any good.

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