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Discussion in 'PA / VA' started by mrdeadpt, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. mrdeadpt

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    Just wondering if anyone out there has heard anything since last season regarding the status of ice-climbing at The Narrows/Kintnersville? Will there be another round of peregrine falcon restrictions? Are the closure signs for that still in place since last season?
  2. mjhouser13

    mjhouser13 Member

    I was there last Saturday and there was no ice. The signs for the closure are still there. Closure starts February 1st.
  3. mjhouser13

    mjhouser13 Member

    Climbed there today. It was a little thin down low in main gully. But the top pitch took stubbie screws.

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  4. mrdeadpt

    mrdeadpt Member

    MJH, hat's off to you for taking the time to venture up there and prove that the place produces ice. Even in minimal conditions, it probably felt good to sink your points into something.
  5. Eli Golden

    Eli Golden New Member

    Anybody been there since the cold snap? How's it looking?
  6. mjhouser13

    mjhouser13 Member

    I haven't been there since the 16th. I wanted to climb this weekend, but my normal partner is out of town. So if anyone is interested in checking it out with me, let me know.
  7. John DeAndrea

    John DeAndrea New Member

    Signs up, closes Feb 1, Ice is in, light on the lower section.
  8. Old Ice Girl

    Old Ice Girl New Member

    This was posted on FB in the DC/MD/PA Ice group a few days past by Doylestown Rock Gym:

    NARROWS CLARIFICATION: Here is the quick version addressing all the questions. This info has been confirmed by DCNR. I have also put a link to more details for those who want them.

    1. The cliffs are open for ice climbing. They are NOT open for rock climbing or dry tooling. We can only ice climb there because the ice protects a rare arctic-alpine plant.

    2. New/Extra signage is two-fold. First, last year the signage was temporary and did not weather the winter so they got new signage. Second, that area shouldn't be hiked/scrambled on so they do want to discourage folks and birders from impacting the area.

    3. Closure is same as last year - Feb 1 - Jul 31st. Any updates or changes will be posted in advance but none are foreseen at this point.

    some more details here:
  9. Ian

    Ian New Member

    1020pm 05Jan2018

    Main Flow - Bottom of first pitch too thin for screws, curtain on upper first pitch has not touched down yet, maybe 8' off the ledge.

    Main Gully - In
  10. dougreilley

    dougreilley Member

    Got up to Narrows this afternoon. climbed Main Gully. Ice was pretty thick in places, a bit thin on some of the flats between steeper sections on approach. Upper center and right were both in but a bit candle-sticky and drippy. Left column not quite touching down. Left Corner was in but also looked a bit drippy. Pencil and Evil Twin, thin and not touching down.
    Upper sections of Main Flow looked okay. bottom curtain looked thin.
    Dead Deer, first step looked good from road but I did not get up there to look at headwall or lefthand flows.
    Mixed Emotions looked doable with some rock sections. Also looked drippy.
    If your going, get up there early tomorrow (Saturday 1/20/18) as things will be flowing later in the morning and afternoon.
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