Lost Camera, Galehead Hut area, 7/3/2016

Discussion in 'Lost & Found' started by Mr. Rogers, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Mr. Rogers

    Mr. Rogers @ninjapornstar on the gram

    Hi All,

    While doing a Pemi loop this past weekend (7/3) I lost my camera somewhere between Garfield and South Twin on 7/3/2016. It's a black Sony RX-100 II in a gray case. The case is tied into the camera's shoulder strap with a green loop of 7mm accessory cord.

    I'm an idiot and it's my fault that it's gone, but I'd still love to get it back. Heck, I added 4 miles to the day by retracing my steps in the hopes of finding it, but no luck. That camera's been to some cool places and I was hoping to take it to a few more.

    I've talked to the AMC folks and am now leaving notes all over the internet. If you think you found it, I can describe the photos on it and some other features of the camera.

    If you found it, please email me at ninjapornstar AT gmail.com. (I know, what an email address. I've got a real one, but I don't post it online. Makes for a rad instagram handle, however.)

    Mr. Rogers
  2. Mr. Rogers

    Mr. Rogers @ninjapornstar on the gram

    Also, I don't know much about backpacking/hiking sites on the internet. Anyone know of popular ones for the northeast where I can post my plea for help?

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