Looking for partners 12/27-12/31

Discussion in 'Partners' started by Nolan A., Nov 8, 2018.


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  1. Nolan A.

    Nolan A. Member

    Hi there!

    I'm travelling up to New England after Christmas, and am looking for partners. I'm hoping to do a ton of pitches and really get after it. I'm interested in stuff around Crawford Notch and the Adirondacks. I lead NEI3+/4 and follow NEI5. I'm interested in everything from gullies to pillars. I'll be driving up so I'll have transportation. I know it's a bit early, but want to see if I can make the most of my time up there!

    So you know I'm a real person and not totally crazy:
    You can check me out on instagram: @paddyohulk
    And my blog/website chasinglayers.com

    Hoping to make some friends and come back year after year. Thanks y'all!

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  2. MFochesato

    MFochesato Member

    I’ll be around and climbing in Crawford over the holiday too. Hit me up and we can chat to make plans.

    Mark F

    Two O Seven Five 7 Seven Nine 9 O Nine
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  3. Nolan A.

    Nolan A. Member

    Sweet! I'll shoot you a note Mark!

  4. David Ly

    David Ly Member

    Im heading up there as well during Christmas if you all want to meet up for a few climbs.

    7 one 4- six two three - 5 nine one 7


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