Lake Willoughby 12/28/2018

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by Rockytop, Dec 28, 2018.

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    Plenty of climbing to be had at The Lake! Last Gent, Promenade, China Shop, Bullwinkle, Called on Account of Rains, and other routes got climbed the past couple of days. The Mindbender amphitheater still hasn't recovered from the last warm-up but some rare forming routes like China Shop, Chop Shop, Solstice (thin down low, very hard, and difficult to protect right now but it's there!), Aurora, and 5 Musketeers are hanging around. Pipe Dreams came in more than once but promptly fell down in the afternoon sun each time. Stormy Monday and Float Like a Butterfly are there. 20 Below and most of the stuff to the south of it are all doable. The current warm spell may just make things even better. Fingers crossed!

    PS - Beware of late afternoon sun rotting. Be safe out there everyone!

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