Lake Willoughby 1/2/2019

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    Lots to climb at the Lake and on Mt. Hor. But, beware of the afternoon sun! There are sun-rotted chunks hanging out up high and some random decent-sized stuff was coming down in the big wall section and around the sides of China Shop by 2:30pm.
    Of note: Stormy Monday Direct is in great shape. Aurora is still doable essentially as a continuous ice climb. Solstice is hanging in there but may not last through tomorrow's sunshine. Called on Account looks decent still.
    Everything right of Float Like a Butterfly is in good shape.
    On Mt. Hor: Woober Goober Gully and the Watermelon slab are excellent. Moody Aunt Rudy is still awesome.


    Lots to climb at The Lake!

    Mt. Hor with the steep "Moody Aunt Rudy" on the left. This is likely the Kurt Winkler route described in the guidebook, and the long right-hand route is possibly the route done by Barry Blanchard.

    Mt. Hor's Woober Goober Gully, WI3+, left-of-center, and the Watermelon Slab, WI3,(center). Both are excellent classic moderate climbs.
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