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    Can you verify if the whole area is closed or only main flow?
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    I think its important to abide by the experts at the DCR. As one of the other poster's said this time of closure might get contracted as the bird people become more familiar with this particular pair(s).
    That said, its okay to question authority in a respectful and persuasive manner to ensure that increased access is considered and enacted.
    On a different note, I drove past today and took a peak at the ice and things are looking positive. I didn't really pay attention to the areas that are posted as closed but Dead Deer looked to be in pretty good shape. Heading up there tomorrow and will post a report later in the day.
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    Found a variety of conditions in Dead Deer today from hero ice to hollow, undermined curtains. Of most interest was the slide debris found at the base of many of the gullies.
    Top left third of Dead Deer was one origin of the slide as the thin forest was scoured clean. No crowns but most likely occurred as a large slough.
    The outrun at the bottom of the gully probably had about 10' in depth of consolidated debris (snow rocks and branches). Very rare for PA.

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