ISO Updates on smuggs - RAGNAROCK

Discussion in 'Vermont' started by Chris Neil, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. Chris Neil

    Chris Neil Member

    Knowing it’s early season: anyone have reports on the conditions? Hoping to get up there Sunday.

  2. Adam Jacobs

    Adam Jacobs Member

    Heading up today. Not climbing but will talk to anyone I see and scope it out from the road. Should be better by Sunday
  3. Tfarr

    Tfarr Petra Cliffs Guide Northeast Ice Climbing Guide

    Was up that way on x-mas day. Ragna definitely took a hit with the warm temps we've been having, especially the direct. Pic is from 12/25

    *PSA: I'v been told there is a large chunk of rock/ledge separating a good bit from the wall above the standard first pitch that would obliterate the 1st pitch if it came down. I haven't been able to lay eyes on it yet, but do know the ledge in question as it's the access point for the mixed daggers above Ragnarock. Take caution around/climbing Ragnarock on warmer days.


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