Ice Screw Trade?

Discussion in 'Gear For Sale' started by Tom DuBois, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. Tom DuBois

    Tom DuBois Well-Known Member

    Not really a "for sale" thread, but looking for a trade.

    I noticed during the end-of-season gear inventory that my screw rack is "unbalanced." I have too many 16's; not enough 13's; and I do not have a 22 for threads. (All screws under discussion are BD Express, sharp and in good condition.)

    So I would like to get:

    >Three BD Express 13 cm screws
    >One BD Express 22 cm screw

    What I have to trade are BD Express 16 cm screws:

    2 with the "old style" single-clip-hole hanger
    1 "odd ball" screw that is slightly longer (about 17 cm) with the old style single-clip-hole hanger
    1 or 2 with the newer "2-clip-holes" hanger

    Anyone want to make some kind of trade?
  2. Tom DuBois

    Tom DuBois Well-Known Member

    Bump. Anyone?

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