Ice Screw Sharpening - How To Guide and Service

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    For anyone interested in learning how to sharpen ice screws I created this "How-To" guide a few years ago and try to post it on this forum every season:

    Here are the files I use:

    1/8" chain saw file

    tapered half-round needle file

    8" straight file (coarse & fine sides)

    6" straight file (fine)

    rubber caps for screws

    I also sharpen screws for anyone in the Adirondack region who doesn't want to do it themselves or ship them off to have them sharpened. I can usually turn them around in 24-48 hours. I'm in Gansevoort, NY near I-87 exit 17 if you want to drop them off on your way through.

    $8 / screw (full leveling and re-profiling of the teeth)
    $4 / screw (light touch-up)

    Re-profiling includes hand-sharpening to an aggressive tooth profile similar to BD Express (but sharper) resulting in a screw that goes into the ice very fast and efficiently.

    Send me an email or text:

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