Ice, Gullies, or Peaks Jan 2 - 4

Discussion in 'Partners' started by Coati, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Coati

    Coati Member

    Looking for a partner for after new years.

    Open to either NY, NH, or VT

    Ice or Peaks

    First ice trip this season, would feel fine on 3-3+ leads.

    Been on rock since 1993 and Ice since 2003. Good for multi-pitch alpine as well. Been doing nothing but ice the past decade or so, so getting back to some winter peaks would be welcomed as well.

  2. Brian Rowe

    Brian Rowe New Member


    Are you still looking for a climbing partner later this week? I can do Friday or Saturday. I lead 3+ comfortably and had my first climb of the season in the Catskills a few weekends back. I'd be up for a day in the Adirondacks.

  3. Coati

    Coati Member

    I didn't get up there that weekend. Somehow my computer did not display your message. Sorry for the delay in response.

    I will be up there for mountainfest and looking for a partner this coming weekend. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.

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