Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by Shane, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Shane

    Shane Member

    With the snow coming Friday, is it safe to assume there will be serious avalanche risk at Huntington on Saturday? The advisory currently says its safe but they don't seem to have a forward looking assessment like the NY DEC does for the Daks.
  2. Dave Schultz

    Dave Schultz Member

    I would assume considerable avy conditions in most, if not all, of Huntington on Saturday. I imagine tomorrow will be low/moderate rising to moderate/considerable depending on the timing of the precip and the temp trend.

    With a fairly well developed avy skill set you could go check it out, just be prepared to turn around. Also, make sure you (and your whole party) bring a B/S/P and perhaps a saw (tough to do your own assessment without a saw, so I view it as also mandatory).

    I may be up there this weekend, but I'm trying to get to Katahdin instead.

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