Harvard Cabin Report 3-17-16

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by neiceadmin, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. neiceadmin

    neiceadmin Doug Millen Staff Member

  2. navabUB1

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    Lead up Odell's on Wed. Beautiful hero ice! I got an icy slushball in the head as I set up the rap, otherwise a perfect day. Soloed Pinnacle behind Lucas on Thur. Second pitch was crux because of mix. (Thanks for the pic Lucas) Then got caught in a gropple thunderstorm with 70+ gusts walking down Lion's Head. It was an awesome day! I don't think it's all over, the bottom of Yale seemed like a waterfall, though Damnation may still be doable.
  3. Climben

    Climben New Member

    Any updates for the upcoming weedend?
  4. Marco Chabot

    Marco Chabot Member

    My brother come from Alberta to visit me at Ottawa (Canada). We wants to go ice climb in Huntington Ravine for the 30 of March (wednesday). What we should expect? We would like to do Pinnacle but I will climb what is in good shape no mathers what route is it. Thanks
  5. Marco Chabot

    Marco Chabot Member

    Please, any advise? I will drive 6 hours tomorrow to go climb in Huntington Ravine. Should I go rock climb at Whitehorse instead?
  6. Marco Chabot

    Marco Chabot Member

    Climb Pinnacle gully March 30. Conditions was very good. The second pitch is no more mixte climb. With the cold weather this weekend it will be in a perfect condition. It was my first time in the ravine so I can be wrong but I feel everything was in good shape specialy Centrale, Yale and Damnation.
  7. Thanks Marco!
  8. I was in Huntington Ravine today. Most gullies look to be in good condition! A slow party ahead prevented us from doing Pinnacle, and Odell's was too cold with the strong wind today.
    Wednesday should be great.
  9. nocturne

    nocturne New Member

    Thanks for the report, Nicolaï! I went there today, and as you suggested, it was great. I only climbed Yale, but all the other gullies appeared in from a distance. Bright blue ice.

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