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Discussion in 'PA / VA' started by mjhouser, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. mjhouser

    mjhouser Member

    Has anyone been to the falls recently?
  2. bob perna

    bob perna Member

    yes, last week to drill rap anchors on" Queen of Cool"
    lots of moisture ,early formation of ice, i think by the week of the 25th there may be some climbable ice ??
    lets hope this weather pattern holds !
  3. JoeForte

    JoeForte New Member

    Thank Bob! Which route is "Queen of Cool"?
  4. Paul Kennedy

    Paul Kennedy Well-Known Member

    How do you get permission to drill? Thought that was a state park.
  5. bob perna

    bob perna Member

    "Queen of Cool" is on the upper tier to the right of "the Diving Board" left of "The Princess" comes in mid season.

    in regards to paul kennedy's concern : yes i am aware it is a state park,like many other pennsylvania state parks that allow climbing ,bolts are generally tolerated when placed and used responsibly.
    two rappell anchors placed to use instead of trees is a good use . if the local consensus was for me to remove the bolts i will oblige.
    i have been climbing the glen for 30 years plus and have never met a ranger who has had a negative attitude toward climbing ,i do feel safety is their first concern also.
    gorgeous rock which lies on the other side of the stream has a few bolted rock climbs,so their is a president for bolts in the gorge.
    if you feel you need more discussion relating to this please contact me directly bob perna 484 252 5072
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  6. dougreilley

    dougreilley Member

    Thanks for the info Bob! Hope you are doing well, lets hope for a great ice season. I was up in Lake Placid last week and things are coming in nicely in Chapel Pond Pass and Cascade Pass.
  7. Paul Kennedy

    Paul Kennedy Well-Known Member

    I think it's awesome, and safer as well as eco friendly. I just know PA can be sensitive sometimes.

    Thanks for helping out the community.
  8. bob perna

    bob perna Member

    i was up at the glen today and the weeping wall needs about another 4 to 5 days to be in,as we were hiking around the upper curtains in the sun cut loose dramatically, so the upper tier is starting from scratch.
    it is early ,typically we are not in full swing at the glen till january !
    happy holidays !
  9. bmwrovers

    bmwrovers New Member

    went for the hike yesterday... looks like its gonna be some dry tooling for a while yet, the weeeping wall had a big chunk that was touched down break off... very wet all over, need a good cold snap! awesome hike tho (with my micro spikes on), passing all the "locals" in their uggs, haha
  10. John Leonard

    John Leonard Member

  11. John Leonard

    John Leonard Member

    I'm up for belay , hiking carrying gear , anything to get out with some good peeps on ice.
  12. bob perna

    bob perna Member

    john, what is your email for contact
    thanks, bob perna
  13. I'm thinking of heading up Pine Creek Gorge in search of ice. The area has received much rain but with daily highs in the upper 20s...maybe.
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