Full Ice Rack For Sale -SOLD- Screws, Screamers, Alpine Draws etc -SOLD-

Discussion in 'Gear For Sale' started by Andrew.Orde, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Andrew.Orde

    Andrew.Orde Member


    Would like to sell this rack in one piece. I led ice maybe 3-4 times over one season with this kit so some of the screws have never even been placed.

    19 Petzl Laser Speed
    (4) 21CM
    (7) 17CM
    (6) 13CM
    (2) 10CM
    8 Mammut Shock Absorbers
    4 New Mammut 60CM slings
    24 Black Diamond OZ wire gates
    1 New Black Diamond OZ quickdraw
    2 Rap Rings
    1 Abalahook V-thread tool
    6 Ice Clippers

    I paid approx $1800 for all this gear. Its nearly new, just looking for 50% value. Located in southern NH for pickup, or would consider shipping.

    SOLD $900 takes everything!

    Also selling my boots and crampons, tools already sold :)

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  2. FrodoADK

    FrodoADK Member

    How much would you want per screamer? I'm only looking for 2-3 of them
  3. Fritz Porter

    Fritz Porter New Member

    I can get you money as soon as you want it! I'd like to buy everything
  4. Andrew.Orde

    Andrew.Orde Member

    Thanks for the interest but I'm trying to sell this in one piece for now!
  5. Andrew.Orde

    Andrew.Orde Member

    Fritz I sent you a message directly, would love to get this out to you ASAP!
  6. Andrew.Orde

    Andrew.Orde Member

    SOLD pending payment from Fritz!
  7. Andrew.Orde

    Andrew.Orde Member

    Sold and Shipped to Fritz!

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