Frankenstein 12-4-17

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    Great day at Franks today. From the bridge Amphitheater looked like:

    Smear: Good to go
    Pegasus: Rock Finish Good, direct finish meh
    Hobbit: Good
    Chia: Still thin on regular top out, direct finish looks good
    Cave Route kinda baked
    Bob's is OUT

    Trestle flows look good, and Trestle slabs (multiple parties TRing today)

    Waterfall looks good.

    Standard Left looks pretty good. Standard was fun plastic hooking before we traversed into Penguin.

    Penguin 2nd pitch is a little funky but fun, 2nd half is great

    Hanging Gardens need more time (please let the pillars grow)

    Dracula right is do-able but could use the cold weather coming.

    Dracula let was super fun cauliflower hooking but a shower mid-pitch with todays warm temps, and the top-out was iffy so I stepped right at the top to better ice.

    All in all awesome shape for first week of January!

    Some video from our day today:

    Happy climbing!

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