Found pair of ice axes

Discussion in 'Lost & Found' started by Lzrdkg007, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Lzrdkg007

    Lzrdkg007 New Member

    Surry railbed- found a pair of ice axes in the late afternoon. Cheshire rail trail. Identify them so I can return them.
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  2. Don Mellor

    Don Mellor New Member

    I am an idiot and you are a saint!!!!!!!
    Csssin x-dreams, probably some ski wax gooping them up, little black and white dyna web tags on the handles. My girlfriend lives in Surry - I am in Lake Placid
  3. Don Mellor

    Don Mellor New Member

    Not sure if my response went through - yes, Cassin X Dreams, big bolt and washer added to head weight, little dyna web tags on handles.

    You are a saint and I am an idiot. My girlfriend lives in Surry - I am in Lake Placid.

    Seriously, your post renews my faith in human goodness. Thanks!!
  4. Lzrdkg007

    Lzrdkg007 New Member

    Yes- those are the ones- orange in color. The bolted head is the giveaway. I have them in the back of my truck. How do I return them? I live in Jaffrey, NH. I work at Franklin Pierce University. I can be reached at 603-562-8026.
  5. pcooke

    pcooke Member

    Don, it would be such a shame to have to climb w/ a pair of 20 year-old vipers with homemade leash less attachments... How would you ever get up Rhiannon with those?!? Oh... Wait... Ninja, not the sword!
  6. Don Mellor

    Don Mellor New Member

    Patrick - good to hear from you. Don't worry, I still use those tools and I
    still wax my shaft.

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