Diamond Lake (Jan 4, 2020)

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    Temps continue to bounce above/below freezing. Good ice is a formin'!

    The lake is solid with little snow on the walls and ground. As far as approaching the cliff goes, I recommend we climbers avoid walking right by the cottages. With the increasing number of climbers visiting the cliff, we should be mindful of remaining low profile.

    Guardian Angel has been hit by the sun, but is rebounding well. The top-out at the centre is questionable. A bit of delamination here and there, so choose your line wisely.

    The 1st pitch of Metamorphosis and The Trial is in fun, but in delicate shape. You might want to bring a knife blade or lost arrow to protect the final moves to the 1/2way anchor. Or other gear for that matter. The final curtain at the very top is decently big and sounded solid.

    Where Egos Dare is forming up nicely - only the start could use a bit of growth, but water is running, but it won’t be long until it sees a lot of traffic.

    Ochre Silk et al is good with many options to choose from.

    Kermit’s Finger - a bit candled perhaps, but good enough.

    Tammy Baker’s Face is better than previously reported.

    Zero Gully - good enough.

    The list of new routes at the crag continues to grow: two more went up between Tammy Baker’s Face and Teenage Fatty:

    Even though we ran out of bolts, Pascal’s determined lead up Tooth Floss, the groove and the respectable offwidth in behind the tooth, was impressive. This grovel is truly fun and, believe it or not, enjoyable! A classic and brilliant addition to the cliff! M5+ (but might feel like a plus plus).

    Too Gorilla is a fully bolted, moderate on the face in between Tooth Floss and Teenage Fatty, featuring bomber placements in cracks! Feetsies are tricky higher up. Lower-off anchors included. M5.

    Plenty of options now for the icefest... so no reason why you can't climb AND meet new friends!

    www.kolos.ca for more condition reports

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