Crampons for Kids?!!

Discussion in 'Gear Talk / Reviews' started by mrdeadpt, Jan 17, 2018.

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    So my ten-year-old son currently has Micro-spikes and he likes messing on easy ice. I'd like to get him onto something more-substantial, with front-points, so we would take the game up a notch. (Although we recently climbed some NEI2 in the Micro-spikes, by chopping steps. Fun!!)

    I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for outfitting kids with some sort of real crampons? Or maybe you might have actual experience with doing this?
  2. Mike R

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    I used to have a great pair of GAB strap-on kids crampons. My boys used them on a few ADK summits when they were 8-10 y.o. I sold them - the crampons, not the kids - when they outgrew them. I would suggest that the most easily available equivalent (kinda.. the GABs were light and easy to use) would be SMC strap-ons in size XS. I MAY have a pair of those in my basement. I'll PM you when I get a chance to look for them.
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  4. wynn

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    Black Diamond Contact strap, got them tight on a size 4 and worked pretty well on grade 2. Since I needed two pairs, ebay made them affordable in case they decided it wasn't for them. So far so good.
  5. Mike R

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    Dave - I have a pair of XS SMC strap-ons. I've used these crampons (in my size) on a stiff boot on vertical ice. It looks like they will go down to a boot with overall sole length in the 9-10" range. Width of the heel and toe will determine how these fit, so if you have a specific boot in mind, trace it on scaled paper and email me a photo/scan of it. You have my email I think. M.
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