Crabtree falls should be in this weekend

Discussion in 'PA / VA' started by Hunter Allen, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Hunter Allen

    Hunter Allen New Member

    Was up there this past weekend and coming in nicely. Just not enough time yet. I would imagine many of the other climbs will be in this weekend. Will check out Apple Orchard in Botetourt county and also report back.
    We are meeting in the parking lot at 10am both sat and sun- Jan 6-7 at Crabtree. Come on and join the fun.
  2. pcorridon

    pcorridon New Member

    Climbed at Crabtree this past Monday, 01Jan. Everything was in and could be climbed, which we did. The lack of flowing water has limited the width of the climbs but there was still plenty of ice to accept screws, albeit short screws. It should be considerably better this weekend.

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