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Discussion in 'New York - South' started by Murphy, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Murphy

    Murphy Member

    Anyone know how the current ice conditions are for Stony Clove (West), I was hoping to get out this wednesday but I haven't been able to track down a conditions report for the area.

  2. Mike R

    Mike R Well-Known Member

    PM'ed you. Let's go see what's there.
  3. chriscd72

    chriscd72 Member

    Any update on conditions in the Catskills? Stony Clove or elsewhere?

  4. Mike R

    Mike R Well-Known Member

    I don't remember where it was posted, but someone took a look at all the usual spots in the Catskills yesterday and saw NOTHING in. And today is 50 F and rainy.

    Edit - it was the Catskill ice climber group on FB.
    "Platte Clove/Bridal Veil Falls -OUT
    Dark Side (L &U) - OUT
    Kitchen - OUT
    Moores - OUT
    Asbestos - OUT"

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