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Discussion in 'Other Reports' started by TheIceIsNice, Nov 20, 2015.

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    As per NEClimbs,
    A couple of quick thoughts...

    It rained all Thursday and Thursday night, pretty hard over night. When I woke up at 6 AM this morning it was in the upper 30's on the summit of Mt Washington! On my way out for a bike ride at 11:30 there was no snow on the Mountains and the river was VERY high. I mean spring thaw kind of high. It is my opinion that any ice that was in the Ravines is now either down, or unsafe for climbing, at least for the next several days. It is supposed to get cold tonight, but it's going to take some time to firm things up again. If you are planning on going up on the Mountain this weekend, just be prepared to have a nice walk, instead of a climb.

    Al Hospers

    My friend in NoCo went on a run and confirmed the conditions when I called him and asked--we were planning on doing pinnacle but it appears we are probably going hiking now.
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    Gonna head up into the ravines on Wednesday. Ill report my findings. But I agree that this weekend is probably out.
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    samyyy New Member still going, i plan this trip à while ago. Hiking this week end and will come back in 2 week when it gonna probably be in shape. Thanks for thé condition advice
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    Went up into Huntington this morning. See my photo in the media section... it pretty much sums things up. I'd imagine O'Dells will be climbable Wednesday (It may even have been today, but it wasn't all that inspiring).

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