Conditions for 12/19/16

Discussion in 'New York - South' started by RangerRandy, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. RangerRandy

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    Drove thru Katterskill Cove today. Buttermilk falls looked to be forming nicely. Another cold week and a freezing of the creek and she should be good to go. Drove thru Stoney Clove and climbed in the playground. Top roped the easy middle section. There was enough to put happy grins on our faces as the ice was soft and appeared to be growing thru the day. Was careful not to knock any down and allow it to keep growing. Some climbs were also in but not fat on the west face of Stoney Clove closer to the north end of the notch. Bottom line, if you really want it, come on up and get early season Catskills ice.
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  2. RangerRandy

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    PS thanks to whoever put up a top rope anchor and left 2 large locking carabiners up there and a reppel anchor. Please do not remove.

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