Catskills conditions, 2/17/17

Discussion in 'New York - South' started by TaiG, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Up at Lower Darkside, today; didn't see too many people, but lots of cars. Got on Gold Leader and Red Leader, tried to get on Thermal Exhaust Port. Gold Leader: slushy gully left side, hollow and debonded ice main face. Very, very thin top-out. Thermal Exhaust Port: no top-out, oddly brittle ice and not a lot of it. Red Leader: best ice in the area, but even so - stepped out hook-fest on the right side, with pick-flattening sections of thin ice; crap ice over decent on the left side, but again - not a lot of it. Lightsaber looked solid, what there was of it; again, hook-fest.

    Heard lots of ice coming down around the Falls and Sun Wall; Japanese Falls is flowing strongly, and it sounds like the rest are as well.

    What with the forecast of 40+ degrees for the next week, this might be it for the season.

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