Camden ice on its way.

Discussion in 'Maine' started by ccaissie, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. ccaissie

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    Ice forming at Cataracts, Everdrip looking heavy but not connected to the ground yet. Barrett's icing in on Heathrow. Lots of waterflow, more than last year, so when temp drops this week, there will be a build. I don't know how it could top last year's climbing, but looking good so far, and earlier.
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    4AE9A76C-2E94-4FFC-86FC-ED466EE293B4.jpeg Everdrip on Sunday (11-18)
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  3. Equinox Guiding Service

    Equinox Guiding Service Equinox Guiding Service

    Well we were sort of in! now were out.

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  4. ccaissie

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    Right...a bit of climbing than a setback...well at least there's plenty of water for icebuilding when it does chill.
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