Discussion in 'Vermont' started by KrisFiore, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. KrisFiore

    KrisFiore New Member

    Anyone driven past the ice in Bristol? I'd think it would be coming in well but Sunday puts a big question mark on everything. Looking to get up there on Wednesday.

  2. powderjew

    powderjew Member

    Kris, drove up 116 for recon on friday. not nearly as built up as i imagined it might be. main headwall was veneer and crux was unattached. back wall appeared to have ice as its well protected from western sun but again not looking as fat as i had hoped. after the horrendous rain on saturday I'm thinking it needs a bunch more time now. if i head up again this week in that neck of the woods ill try to post some pics or at least get some up dated beta. parking will again be an issue this winter. just a heads up.
  3. Derek Doucet

    Derek Doucet New Member

    I drive by Bristol every day, and it's looking grim after the rains. I'll be up there in the next couple of days for a recon, but I'd say it will be a while yet.
  4. KrisFiore

    KrisFiore New Member

    Hey Derek, Tim mentioned I should reach out to you, said you were around there pretty often. Thanks for the heads up, I'll give it a few more weeks. I wonder if the steep stuff around the right might be better as it avoids the sun more but either way I think it will be a January adventure.
  5. powderjew

    powderjew Member

    Hit up Bristol this a.m. for a solo mission. The freeze thaw cycle has not been good to the area but generally things aren't too bad considering and I had a great day ripping around the cliffs. 8* and zero wind. Soloed first pitch of main face, rapped off and headed over to back wall. Much much thinner than I expected but again, had a nice low key solo up and over to the walk off. On a side note for those who frequent the area, found a random fixed blade knife at the bottom of the main face. If it's yours and want it back give me a shout. At the top of main face/ back wall top out found a funky pile of scat on my usual lunch rock. Having lived here and hunted here for years I've heard all the stories about "coy" dogs, coyotes and other fuzzy woodland creatures taking random dumps on rocks but could somebody once and for all verify or clarify?! As the pics show in general it's not the "fat" front face we are used t IMG_1393.jpg IMG_1394.jpg IMG_1397.jpg IMG_1410.jpg IMG_1399.jpg IMG_1411.jpg o but the upper pitch is in and will take pro. Stream area to left is in and a fun walk up. Parking is still a bitch.

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