Bring climbing to Thacher State Park in the NY Capital Region

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    Help the Thacher Climbing Coalition continue its groundswell of support for climbing through its 2016 climbing survey.

    We expect that rock climbing will be available sometime this year and want to bring ice climbing to the park very soon after.

    Add your voice in support of this initiative by completing our 2016 survey.

    Learn more about us at

    Thank you for your help!

    p.s. by completing the survey we'll also notify you of upcoming volunteer work days in June & July.

    Falls #10 in Thacher State Park.
  2. pappy

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    My fiancee's ex used to be the super at Thatcher and is still a high level bureaucrat in NY. He acknowledged that they are grudgingly allowing a few bolted rock climbs as kind of a pilot project (and only sport climbs will be allowed), but as far as ice: 'No f**king way, not in this lifetime.' I pointed out that sport climbs with their hanging draws, chalk lines, and hordes of clueless gym climbers were going to have far more impact than a few ice climbers who come and go and leave no trace, but the perception is that ice is so weird and dangerous that they just don't need the aggravation and potential rescue complications. Good luck, but don't hold your breath.
  3. theicemancometh

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    Thanks for your input, Pappy. I agree that ice climbing is a bigger step than rock climbing. I have been, however, very impressed with the level of cooperation between Thacher SP and the TCC. After rock climbing is open at Thacher for a few years I think we'll be able to look back and cite it as a model for state/public cooperation in bringing climbing to a NY State Park. So I wouldn't characterize it as a grudging acceptance of a few sport climbs. We have many tens of routes already established and more coming every month.

    With this same level of cooperation I expect we'll have very fruitful discussions on ice climbing.

    We have a trail day planned for this Saturday, Oct 22. We'd love to have you attend and show you the broad range of routes already established.

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