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    Bolton Quarry Rules

    The Quarry is now protected by CRAG-VT. Please help us ensure continued access to the Quarry by following these rules:

    DO NOT PARK ANYWHERE along Green Mountain Road, except at the brown CV Telecom hut.

    DO NOT BLOCK TRUCK ACCESS to the telecom hut. If there are already 3 CARS in theparking space, you must park at the Smilie School (on Rt. 2 at the foot of the
    Bolton Valley access road) and walk to the Quarry via the roads.

    DO NOT trespass across anyone else’s land. If the lot is full, climb elsewhere.

    DO NOT block ANY driveways, roads or access—you will be towed.

    DO NOT TRESPASS across anyone else’s land.

    Keep noise to a minimum & respect neighboring landowners.

    NO camping or fires.

    Carry out all your trash.

    Reminder: Climbing is dangerous—you climb at your own risk.

    Thank you to everyone who helped protect the Quarry. CRAG-VT will begin working
    on a better parking situation soon. We appreciate your cooperation and
    hope you will do your part to ensure good relations with our neighbors.


    Questions orComments? Please call 244-5567 or

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