Any reports on Glen Onoko or Narrows?

Discussion in 'PA / VA' started by j2l, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. j2l

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    Rain several days ago, and cold past few days. Wondering if it's worth heading north, or better to wait for the ice

  2. mjhouser13

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  3. mjhouser13

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    Glen Onoko weeping wall, lower falls, and upper falls are all starting. But we need more cold to bring it in.
  4. RonFromPgh

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    Thanks so much for the pictures - very helpful! I'm thinking about heading there for MLK weekend, so hoping to get an update a week or so in advance. Cheers - here's hoping for some decent PA ice this year!
  5. mjhouser13

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    I'm sure it is not climbable right now. It has been too warm with too much rain lately. Here's hoping for a good cold snap!
  6. dougreilley

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    I was up at the Narrows, yesterday, 1/16/19. Main Gully was in to the top. upper right hand and center flows had ice but were very drippy with somewhat challenging looking pro (didn't go to top, rapped before the last pitch). Left Corner marginally in. Pencil and adjacent flows not even close.
    Main Flow looked clmbable but again, with challenging pro, especially down low.
    Dead Deer is in but not very thick yet. headwall at top looked to be developing well.
    Lock 20 South and all northern gullies (actually west) not in, with little ice.
    Cigar, 45mph looked thin but climbable. This Sundays rain may wash things out and even though temps will be below freezing on Monday and Tuesday of next week, there looks to be a warming trend from Wednesday on.
  7. dougreilley

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