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Discussion in 'New York - North' started by corbsmtn, Mar 13, 2019.

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    I climbed Chouinards on Saturday and it is in great shape and really fun. Left side of Pitchoff was ate up by the sun but still climbable. I would think that all the south facing climbs got beat up on Saturday. Crystal ice tower is also looking good as are the Canyon climbs. I think we have another two weeks on the north facing climbs!!!

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    North facing climbs are still record huge. Forecast looks like more winter for at least a while. Even some south facing climbs are OK; we were on a nice one a couple days ago that was still hanging on.

    Hiked into Underwood a few days ago. Hike was long, climbing was so-so - it had gotten beaten up by the weather. Fang was huge, but had a big horizontal crack all the way through it about ten feet up - looked dangerous. We hiked around for a little while, but ended up not getting on anything.
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